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Seasonal Prototype: Risk of Impacts from NAO on Transport
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A DfT-coordinated group including many organisations with transport interests (government agencies, local authorities, infrastructure providers...)

Erika Palin (Erika.Palin[at]metoffice.gov.uk)

As recent years have demonstrated, wintry conditions have a significant impact on most forms of transport in the UK and Northern Europe.
Airport closures, road accidents and delays/cancellations of train services are just some examples of the possible consequences of widespread snowfall over the British Isles
Recently it has been discovered that skilful predictions of the likelihood of occurrence of cold air outbreaks in winter can be made at lead times of weeks to months
Met Office scientists have been engaging with a transport stakeholder group coordinated by the UK Government’s Department for Transport (DfT) about the predictability of winter conditions at seasonal timescales, and providing risk-based forecasts to transport stakeholders to enhance their winter preparedness and resilience.

A key element of winter operations for many transport stakeholders is the de-icing of vehicles and surfaces.
The information in this prototype is intended to assist stakeholders with pre-season decisions around de-icing, including stock levels, training and availability of personnel, and availability and condition of de-icing equipment.


SPRINT provides information about the potential for weather impacts on UK transport ahead of (and during) the winter season.